Following on from our August Productivity Tools & Tips, this month's hot topic focuses around the thorny subject of office organisation and clutter.

With Summer now a distant memory, and the nights closing in, the next few months are a perfect time to get your office environment in order. Christmas gifts have already hit the shelves, and 2013 will be here before you can say "my New Year resolutions are to tidy, file and find my desk".

Why the frog? Do the thing you dread first. Mark Twain said "Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of your day"

So get that 'dreaded task' done first - it's over, finished, out of the way. You can then draw up your 'To Do' list, for the day knowing that you have tackled the biggest obstacle.

For some people a clear desk gives the impression of being organised and efficient - but for others a clear desk creates panic!

Find out how a clear desk could impact your business.

Cliff Richard summed it up so well. With the long awaited end to damp days and grey skies, "no more working for a week or two" sounds like a wonderful idea!

Find out what you can do to achieve a stress free holiday.

The holiday is booked, the weather is looking good (well it was when we wrote this) and you have finished most of your work.

In July we shared some of our top tips for Time Management, and hopefully they were useful in terms of prioritising your 'To Do' List and getting through everything that needed to be done before August.

With the advent of Summer, Wimbledon is with us once more. And as the good folks of SW19 drag the covers off centre court this week, we are hoping that those blue skies are here to stay.

It's no coincidence that the the British "Season" is all about Summer....Wimbledon, Ascot, Henley, Goodwood, Cowes. Key to these events are long days, warm evenings (fingers crossed), and a team of expert planners to ensure that everything runs smoothly!

As the days become longer, our diaries start to fill with opportunities to meet and greet. Conferences, trade shows, workshops and networking events crowd our days, not to mention weekends filled with weddings and parties.

But what happens when you have an event of your own that needs organising? Do you have the time, the resources and the contacts to make it a success?

Database. Does the word fill you with dread?

Perhaps it conjures up images of tired old shoe-boxes filled to the brim with business cards?

One of the areas PA Anywhere helps businesses with, is to clear their office space and organise their systems with a unique Office Organisation Service.

For the month of July, PA Anywhere has partnered with Step by Step Listening who help you organise your thoughts and clear your mind