Clear Desk Clear Mind - Tips for Improving Productivity

One of the areas PA Anywhere helps businesses with, is to clear their office space and organise their systems with a unique Office Organisation Service.

For the month of July, PA Anywhere has partnered with Step by Step Listening who help you organise your thoughts and clear your mind - see side bar for more information.

We believe together we create a winning team and have compiled some great resources, strategies and practical tips to ensure that you finish July with a clear mind and a clear desk that will set you up for a guilt free holiday and really let you enjoy the summer.

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We have co-written and produced the following article to help inspire you to manage your time more effectively. Click here ( to read more. If you have any questions or want to know more about the above, then you can either: contact me on 07787 514622, or alternatively email me at: 

I would like to introduce you to Sheryl Andrews who is the founder of Step by Step Listening (, a company that provides bespoke communication solutions for family businesses. Sheryl leads a team of highly effective facilitators that inspires others to develop a greater understanding of what works for them in order that they can work more effectively in partnership with others. Step by Step Listening believe that you can raise the aspirations of whole communities, by ensuring family businesses not only grow, but also demonstrate to the next generation that creating your own employment can be fun, as well as financially and personally rewarding.