Clear Desk/Messy Desk: How Does Your Desk Impact Your Performance?

For some people a clear desk gives the impression of being organised and efficient - but for others a clear desk creates panic!

Having worked over several sessions with Communications Specialist Sheryl Andrews ( and with whom I am partnering our 'Clear Desk Clear Mind' Campaign this July, I am aware of the importance of taking time out from my often fraught and busy schedule to clear my mind.

Time out from my office to plan, schedule, prioritise and organise my mind has an immediate impact on my work and how I get things done for my clients. I can only imagine what might happen for you if you worked with Sheryl to free up the clutter in your mind.

I hope you enjoy our article Clear Desk/Messy Desk - How Does Your Desk Impact Your Performance? (

So, if you get results from clearing your physical desk, imagine what happens to motivation and ideas when you have the opportunity to determine what works for you and others? If you have any questions or want to know more about the above, then you can either: contact me on 07787 514622, or alternatively email me at:

If the thought of sorting out your office daunts you, then why not contact us. We would be delighted to work with you to get your ideal office and introduce systems that will make your life easier. Or, if you think you could do with more than just an organised desk, but could do with some clearing of your thoughts as well, you might consider attending one of the Planning & Time Management Business Retreats (