Increasing Productivity

Why the frog?

Do the thing you dread first. Mark Twain said "Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of your day"

So get that 'dreaded task' done first - it's over, finished, out of the way. You can then draw up your 'To Do' list, for the day knowing that you have tackled the biggest obstacle.

Tasks for the day.

There are plenty of on-line productivity tools, but for many of us a simple 'Post-it' note will do. (Did you know they were invented to keep track of hymns in a hymn book without marking the pages). Simply list 10 things that need doing for that day, prioritise them, and then get going. If you only get as far as task 7, congratulations - the frog is long gone and most of the tasks have been accomplished.

  • Keep on top of the little things before they turn into big things.
  • Do a small amount of filing each day, rather than letting it build-up. Keep your customer database up to date.
  • Get those invoices out on time.
  • Distraction Management Give yourself the opportunity to concentrate on the task at hand, get it done quickly and efficiently, rather than working in dribs and drabs without any focus or productivity. Sign out of email, turn off the phone, close the office door.

Of course if these few tips fill you with dread, then you can always call on PA- Anywhere and with our wide variety of services we will manage the frog farm, letting you get on with what you love doing! Call us on 0845 6431 572 and ask us about the best way to increase your productivity.

Top Tips

Eat the Frog - get the worst over first.

Task list for the Day - simple prioritised To-Do list.

Little things mean a lot - schedule time for the simple tasks.

Distraction Management - concentrate, turn off phone, emails, close office door.