Ready for a guilt-free holiday?

The holiday is booked, the weather is looking good (well it was when we wrote this) and you have finished most of your work.

In July we shared some of our top tips for Time Management, and hopefully they were useful in terms of prioritising your 'To Do' List and getting through everything that needed to be done before August.

We thought we might just leave you with a few tips for feeling able to take that well earned break, and for being ready to come back to work at your best.

  • Organise your office If you want to improve your effectiveness, it is always easiest from a well organised work space. Get the filing done, throw away the odds and ends lying on your desk, get yourself a noticeboard for pinning up those important pieces of information. Be brave - have a good clear out!
  • Make a 'To Do' List You may have finished all the work that is expected of you, but often we (especially us ladies) have a long list in our heads of things we 'ought' to do that keep hounding us for days, preventing us from truly taking a break. Making that list will free your mind of those nagging things, allowing you to enjoy your holiday. Our favourite thing right now is the Magic Whiteboard ( for making lists.
  • Plan your first week back now Keep the first day you are back in the office free for answering all the emails that you have accumulated whilst you have been off. Keep the second day free to plan your diary and activities until Christmas, and diarise any meetings so that you get right back into the swing of things with no delays.

So, no magic potions - just a few simple ideas that we use to give us peace of mind to enjoy our holidays, and to work at our best on our return. Enjoy your holiday! If you have any questions or want to know more about PA Anywhere, then you can either: contact me on 07787 514622or alternatively email me at: (