Ready, Steady, Organise!

Following on from our August Productivity Tools & Tips, this month's hot topic focuses around the thorny subject of office organisation and clutter.

With Summer now a distant memory, and the nights closing in, the next few months are a perfect time to get your office environment in order. Christmas gifts have already hit the shelves, and 2013 will be here before you can say "my New Year resolutions are to tidy, file and find my desk".

To get you started, here's a few key questions to ponder......

  • Do your office systems need reviewing? (If the term 'office systems' is unfamiliar, please phone us for immediate help!)
  • Does your office need an organisational overhaul?
  • Does your working environment hinder your efficiency?
  • Do you struggle to find important documents quickly because they are "tucked away"?
  • Is it finally time to face that pile of paper that threatens to engulf you on a daily basis?
  • What message does your messy office and mislaid items send to your customers and clients?

Success is built on a tidy desk

Several years ago, office products supplier Avery conducted a survey on the state of the nation's desks.

Conclusion? That Britain was in the grip of "Deskitis"; otherwise referred to as "Dump Everything Seldom Keep It Tidy".

Key findings from the survey revealed that:

  • The average desk top serves as a repository for a wide range of personal items ranging from Teddy Bears (14%) to family snaps (38%), nail files (9%) and newspapers or magazines (25%) with the most frequently encountered non-work related item being the desk owner's favourite mug (68%)
  • By far the most common source of clutter are acres of papers, files and other documents which accounted for 92% of desk top space. Such widespread clutter flies in the face of the fact that eight out of ten (82%) readily accept that tidy desks help people work more efficiently - a conclusion challenged by only 3% of office workers.
  • Almost two thirds of workers agreed they would have a greater incentive to tidy away paper work if their current filing system was overhauled, with three quarters claiming that bright, fresh and funky storage solutions would make filing more fun.

Imagine how much more productive you could be with your time when your office environment is clean, tidy and organised? Reach confidently for that important document, safe in the knowledge that you have arrived at filing nirvana.... with a little help from the PA Anywhere office angels of course. Contact us today on 0845 6431 572 to discuss how we can help banish your clutter demons once and for all.

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