Office Organisation

Does your work office or home office desperately need an overhaul?

Together we'll plan a way forward to clear out the old records and rearrange the current ones. New systems will make your life so much easier and efficient.

An office re-organisation need not cause a headache. We can work with you to create an ordered and efficient office. We can take on as much of the leg work as you require or act as a facilitator to get the job done.

Initially we will take a look together at your current office set up and introduce systems that will work for you, enabling you to work more smartly and effectively.

By introducing these systems, it will empower you to be more focused and structured, resulting in clearer thinking and achieving greater results.

If your business has grown and you haven't had a chance to develop your administration systems, we can take an objective view and discuss ideas with you. Your filing systems can be transformed and record keeping rejuvenated. Working together we can clear out old records and manage current paperwork so you can always put your hand on just what you need, when you need it.

Fiona came into our offices for three days and took us from really quite disorganised to incredibly organised. She set up systems and processes which we could all follow easily and we wouldn't hesitate to ask her back in to help with any type of admin or organisational need.
The business is now set up so that we can expand and employ new people without the worry of them learning our processes – it’s all in one manual now.

Michelle Meredith, Archway Financial Solutions